[arch-general] CLI diffing tool other than Vim?

Chris Down chris at chrisdown.name
Tue Jul 30 04:58:21 EDT 2013

On 2013-07-30 09:43, Paul Gideon Dann wrote:
> I run a couple of Arch servers, and I'm trying to teach someone how to go
> about maintaining it (for when I'm not around).  The difficulty is that when
> it comes to package updates that require merging .pacnew files, I always use
> Vim to merge changes.  That's quite a steep learning curve to impose on
> someone who's not all that familiar with a UNIX environment yet.  Does anyone
> know of any good & simple(ish) alternative for merging files over SSH?

Well, what merge programs are they familiar with? If it is vimdiff that poses
the problem for this user, you might consider running meld instead.
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