[arch-general] SELinux packages status update

Karol Babioch karol at babioch.de
Sun Nov 3 17:50:11 EST 2013


Am 03.11.2013 21:32, schrieb Timothée Ravier:
> I've updated all the SELinux related packages in the AUR.

Looks great. As soon as I have some spare time I will give it a try.

> I'll setup an other repository for the SELinux policy as soon as I have
> something which can boot in enforcing mode.

What is your current approach to come up with a reasonable policy? In
what fashion do you plan to split up the policies itself? Will your
policies be based upon the reference ones (see [1])?

[1]: http://oss.tresys.com/projects/refpolicy/

Best regards,
Karol Babioch

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