[arch-general] Initramfs fallback render

Ismael Bouya ismael.bouya at normalesup.org
Sun Nov 17 13:35:30 EST 2013

Hum I started to write answers to different emails, but it looks like I
messed things between an actual problem (A non-critical hard disk that
crashed with no "nofail" option in the fstab) and my tries afterwards to
boot in rescue/emergency mode.

To answer to Gaëtan, the message that I saw was exactly the one in
I know the difference is important but I cannot remember which one it was
(most probably it's the one corresponding to what happens when things go

Mainly, I made a confusion with what is "usual" in Ubuntu in the grub, that
is to have a line for normal booting, and one line for "emergency", that
tries as hard as possible to reach a (root) shell even when things go

Now I know that I'll have to configure this behavior somehow manually (?)

Thanks all for your help!

Best regards,
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