[arch-general] GDB does not work, sometimes

jb jb.1234abcd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 01:30:36 EST 2013

Rodrigo Rivas <rodrigorivascosta <at> gmail.com> writes:

> ... 
> The problem is in the "signal mask". It looks like some process masks the
> signals in the early boot, and then the signal mask is inherited by all the
> process in my session. And, as it seems, `gdb` needs a lot of signals to
> work properly, but it assumes that they are not masked at the beginning. I
> don't know if this should be considered a gdb bug or not, but the real
> problem is elsewhere.
> ... 
> So I am now pretty sure that some process in the session is corrupting the
> signal mask. The only thing left is to know which one...

Review it:
$ pstree -p

Your signal blocking could come from:
- GUI Login Manager, DE session, ...
  Check for gnome-session PID and for its parent PID:
  $ grep SigBlk /proc/$pid/status
- gnome-terminal (I guess) in which you run gdb
  Check as above.

This entry gives you an overview of signal states;
it will help you match processes to e.g. SigBlk pattern:
$ ps axs | grep fffffffe7ffbfeff

Btw, a similar problem occured there:


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