[arch-general] Revisit official SELinux support

Squall Lionheart headmastersquall at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 10:56:13 EDT 2013

> The first answer that i can think is the patches needed on many packages to
> support selinux.

In the CentOS world, SELinux is a standard feature and there are a lot of
command line tools that contain extra command options to access and modify
SELinux contexts.  For example, here is a snippet from the man pages for
the added features found in the ls command:

      SELinux options:

              Display security context.   Enable -l. Lines will probably be
too wide for most

       -Z, --context
              Display security context so it fits on  most  displays.
Displays  only  mode,
              user, group, security context and file name.

              Display only security context and file name.

I don't know all the commands that have extra options, but I know find is
one of them.


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