[arch-general] Smartcard troubles on Arch

Mathias Huber huber at mathiashuber.de
Mon Aug 4 15:18:33 EDT 2014

Dear Archers,

I am trying to get my Gemalto USB Shell Token V2 (GPG-Smartcard-Reader
in a USB-Stick) to work on Arch. I've set up Udev in the way I did
successfully in Ubuntu 12.04.LTS. However, no success.

I am still trying to figure out where the trouble lies. I can never see
the card using
gpg --card-status
But sometimes I see its fields when using

Possible culprits: pcscd, which sometimes gives errors, gpg's USB support?

Has anyone had success in setting up this reader or similar smartcard
readers? Or had similar troubles? I would love to hear from you.


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