[arch-general] Forum registration requires INSANE captcha.

Feliz Xett fezett at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 09:42:25 EST 2014

Hi all!

I hope it's ok to bother this list with this question/suggestion/rant about
the forum registration process.

I've been using arch for a couple of months now and I'm very happy with it.
Today, I somewhat broke my box so I was excited to post my first question
to the forums at bbs.archlinux.org. On the bottom of the registration page
there was a very clever "captcha". The question was:

What is the output of "date -u +%V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g'"?

I might even have found this funny if I wasn't ON A NON-LINUX LAPTOP.

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. To be honest I am extremely annoyed
because this barrier is so unnecessary. Why is there not just a simple
normal captcha that helps Google with house numbers or something. It looks
to me like someone wanted to demonstrate that whoever is not able to find
the solution to *such* a simple question is not worthy of the forums. Only
they failed to consider that possibly there might be situations where even
the cleverest person just *can't* find the solution to a question like this.

Could this please please please be replaced with a real captcha? Also, this
is obviously absolutely unsuitable to tell computers and humans apart (if
that's what was intended), considering that the result only changes once a
week and any unix machine could easily calculate the result.

Could someone please give me the solution?
I'd still like to join the forums once I calmed down :)


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