[arch-general] Forum registration requires INSANE captcha.

Feliz Xett fezett at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 11:48:22 EST 2014

Hi Pierre and others,

thank you for your replies.

Thomas Bächler:
> By reading manpages (readily available on the internet), an online
> sha256 calculator and some brain function, you can easily solve this
> without a Linux computer.

I know I could have solved it, as could have every other Arch user. All
I'm saying is that while I understand the necessity of a good captcha, I
found this one to be over the top. It's that kind of humor that I can't
appreciate after hours of fiddling around with a broken system. I wanted
to register for a forum, not find out where to best calculate SHA sums.

Pierre Schmitz:
> I implemented this "captcha" some years ago as we had massive spam and
> troll problems. We are not just fighting spam bots but actual humans
> here. [...]
Ok, I didn't imagine you actually had severe troll problems, and I
understand that not many trolls would go ahead and try to solve *this*
captcha. In that respect I totally understand why it has to be so

I don't have a suggestion right now but I thank you for being open about
it and I hope you all can understand my frustration.

Thanks :)

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