[arch-general] "Automatic" upgrade

Constantin ccw at posteo.de
Tue Feb 11 07:29:30 EST 2014

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 01:17:22PM +0100, Ismael Bouya wrote:
> That's not an option. The network on which the machine is is willingly
> inaccessible from outside: The sysadmin there has the principle that "a
> machine that works shouldn't be upgraded, because then it can
> break"... (The machine which has Archlinux is an exception and he's not
> aware of its existence) It's one thing to ask someone to manually create a
> tunnel so that I can access the machine once in a while. It's another one
> to bypass the sysadmin politics and risk problems if anything happens.

You could establish a VPN/tunnel originating from the server you want to
update. That way, from the machine's view, it is an outgoing connection
and might not be restricted by the firewall. You can then use the
existing tunnel to ssh back to the machine.
Of course this would require an accessible server somewhere outside.


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