[arch-general] Forum registration requires INSANE captcha.

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Tue Feb 11 15:37:14 EST 2014

According to Curtis Shimamoto:
# I think you've missed what Kyle is saying here.  From what I understand
# (as a non-blind user), traditional captchas that are super hard to read
# and easily deciphered by computers are what tend to not be usable by the
# visually impaired.
# The captcha that we currently have should be great for the visually
# impaired using some of the available linux tools such as espeakup.

The above is exactly what I was trying to say. I specifically meant that
the current solution is much better than a flash-based or photo-based
captcha for that exact reason. It's easy for me and other visually
impaired users to be able to solve, and I actually did so using
available tools with much less headache than I've had even with things
like Google's audio captcha, which is as hard for some people to be able
to hear as the picture-based captchas are for blind people to see. As I
said, the current solution on the Arch BBS is by far the best I've used,
and does the best to keep unwanted spammers out while still allowing
blind and visually impaired users to participate without undue
difficulty. At this point, unless someone truly has a better idea, I
wouldn't change a thing about the current forum registration.
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