[arch-general] Updating the archlinux-keyring package

Leonid Isaev lisaev at umail.iu.edu
Thu Feb 13 14:21:25 EST 2014


	Recently I had to fix a corrupted pacman db from a 3 month old livecd
and realized that this process is not so innocent. Specifically, there is a
chance to get a trojaned package on the system simply because the
archlinux-keyring package on the iso is outdated. Of course, other similar
scenarios are possible, e.g. a fresh install is made from an old livecd, or a
server is updated after several months of uptime: new packages are pulled in
but signature checks are made using the old keyring currently on the host.
	So, instead of relying on the discrete updates of archlinux-keyring,
wouldn't is make more sense to have a systemd timer/cron job to frequently
refresh pacman keyring?

Leonid Isaev
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