[arch-general] New Installation

Chester Wisniewski chetw at zuzax.com
Sun Feb 16 16:20:33 EST 2014

Hi Toyam,

You need to create a special partition to install GRUB2 on GPT without 
UEFI. See the wiki: 

Create a 1 MB partition, mark it type ef02 (in gdisk) and do not format 
it. When you run grub-install it will then copy some image files there 
required for GPT booting when UEFI isn't present. The wiki walks you 
through the details, don't worry about the 1007KB part and errors about 
partition alignment, just make a 1 meg partition right at the front of 
the disk and it will work fine.


On 02/16/14 13:06, Toyam Cox wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I mostly use Gentoo but I'm installing Arch on my laptop, so hello!
> I'm installing GRUB, an I'm getting an error:
> grub-install: waring: this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot
> Partition; embedding won't be possible.
> Then Grub refuses to go ahead with blocklists.
> Any thoughts? It isn't a UEFI computer... it's a netbook.
> Thank you!

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