[arch-general] Problem vmware 10 when I updated kernel arch

Maykel Franco maykeldebian at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 13:51:00 EST 2014

Hi, my version kernel is 3.13.5-1 ARCH and I have updated the arch.

When I run the vmware, I get this error:

2014-02-24T00:07:54.226+01:00| vthread-3| I120: using /sbin/gcc for
preprocess check
2014-02-24T00:07:54.237+01:00| vthread-3| I120: Preprocessed
UTS_RELEASE, got value "3.13.5-1-ARCH".
2014-02-24T00:07:54.237+01:00| vthread-3| I120: The header path
"/lib/modules/3.13.5-1-ARCH/build/include" for the kernel
"3.13.5-1-ARCH" is valid.  Whoohoo!
2014-02-24T00:07:54.292+01:00| vthread-3| I120: Invoking modinfo on "vmnet".
2014-02-24T00:07:54.293+01:00| vthread-3| I120: "/sbin/modinfo" exited
with status 256.
2014-02-24T00:07:54.477+01:00| vthread-3| I120: Setting destination
path for vmnet to "/lib/modules/3.13.5-1-ARCH/misc/vmnet.ko".
2014-02-24T00:07:54.478+01:00| vthread-3| I120: Extracting the vmnet
source from "/usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/vmnet.tar".
2014-02-24T00:07:54.484+01:00| vthread-3| I120: Successfully extracted
the vmnet source.
2014-02-24T00:07:54.484+01:00| vthread-3| I120: Building module with
command "/sbin/make -j4 -C /tmp/modconfig-VUc3wF/vmnet-only auto-build
HEADER_DIR=/lib/modules/3.13.5-1-ARCH/build/include CC=/sbin/gcc
2014-02-24T00:07:56.956+01:00| vthread-3| W110: Failed to build vmnet.
 Failed to execute the build command.

Can I help me please??

Thanks in advanced.

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