[arch-general] MAKEFLAGS remodelation

Kalrish Bäakjen kalrish.antrax at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 11:55:00 EST 2014


Some projects (e.g., mpv, in community) are moving from Autotools to other
build systems. I think we should create a JOBS variable indicating the
number of parallel jobs, leaving MAKEFLAGS for make-specific options. We
could also implement SCONSFLAGS, WAFFLAGS,… although that may be a bit

The reason behind this is that a given build system might not understand
"-j N". (And, also, for SCons projects, the "-Q" flag could be desired.)

In the proposed model, each PKGBUILD would appropiately tell the build
system how many jobs to do in parallel, or ignore the setting.

As an extra question, may I ask why aren't MAKEFLAGS used in official
PKGBUILDs? I mean, as in:
Perhaps make automatically fetches options from the environment? Or maybe
because package construction is automated in a server and other processes
are running in other cores?


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