[arch-general] Logind Timing out?

Steve Holmes steve.holmes88 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 01:13:58 EST 2014

After updating my 64 bigt Arch system to latest stable releases, I
began to have problems with logind services timing out and allowing me
to have only one console available to work with. it seems that when I
have ntpdate running and use netctl to auto start my wireless profile,
these problems occur.

When I disable ntpdate.service, then I seem to get my consols back and
logind appears to be working OK. I also experienced similar problems
when I was trying out netctl-ifplugd with my wired connections. If the
cable was plugged in, then all started right up just fine but if I
unplugged the cable and rebooted, then the above stated problems also
wold occur. Up until today, I was not having these problems. I can't
seem to pin down the exact cause of these issues but these began to
happen after experimenting with a more dynamic network setup. My
ultimate goal is to have both netctl-ifplugd and netctl-auto both
running and then I can have the flexibility of switching to a cabled
connection if necessary and be able to also dynamically pick up
whatever WIFI service I come into. I read the Arch wiki pages about
networking so I have most of that working presuably OK now except for
these logind issues. How could networking delays cause all the timing
problems with logind.service?

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