[arch-general] Empty resolv.conf after PXE boot

Loper loper.t2h at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 05:49:28 EST 2014


I'm having problem with resolv.conf. After booting LiveCD (every version),
sometimes it's empty. Problem occurs when using more than 1 interface and
probably when one of them isn't connected. Mostly it takes place when I'm
booting Arch under ESXi 5.5.0. After running 'dhcpcd' resolv.conf is filled
and has correct data. Adding 'copy_resolvconf=y' to kernel params doesn't
help. Also FYI: I'm using iPXE to boot this ISO.

To reproduce this issue:
1. Boot ArchLinux ISO on any machine (ie. virtual) with 2 or more NIC's
2. Log in as root and cat /etc/resolv.conf - it will be empty or containing
empty line
3. Try to ping any foreign domain, ie. google.com - it should fail
4. Run 'dhcpcd' and check if resolv.conf is filled correctly - fixed

If it would work automatically, not by explicite calling 'dhcpcd or
systemctl start dhcpcd@'. Any ideas?

Best regards,

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