[arch-general] Xen VGA passthrough unbind VGA from nouveau

Dimitris Zervas dzervas at dzervas.gr
Thu Jan 16 15:19:22 EST 2014


I am on latest kernel 3.12.6-1-ARCH with xen 4.3.1-2 with an i7-3820 and
Asus P9X79 Deluxe with 16GB ram. I have 2 graphics cards, an EVGA 9800GT
and an Asus GTX660 Ti.
I want to passthrough the 660 to a win 7 domain. The problem is that
whatever I do (pciback or pci-stub), nouveau detects the 660 normally and
when I try to unbind it throws up a kernel panic.

What I did with pci-stub:
added pci-stub to Modules in mkinitcpio
added pci-stub.ids=my:id

With pciback:
The same steps with pci-stub...

A solution is to blacklist nouveau, but I want X server running on my 9800
(Arch on two monitors and windows to the other).
Another problem I faced when I blacklisted nouveau, is that the domain is
created, but I can only see output on VNC and not on the attached monitor,
but it could be that I booted from windows CD (not installed system). not

I would be glad if anyone has advice on how to make xen work with nvidia
propriety drivers (for 3d acceleration), but that's not my main problem
right now.

I think that a lot of people have run to the same problem (but googling did
not help....), and that's why I'm using the mailing list.

Thank you.

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