[arch-general] Is there a burning tool able to replace K3b?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Jan 21 05:43:41 EST 2014


a short question but a long story, perhaps somebody could give some

To stop a green drive spinning up and down again and again I removed
gvfs from my machine, but each time I used K3b seemingly a KDE thingy
makes my drive spin up and down again and again until I reboot.

Is anybody aware if developers of desktop environments care about things
like green drives, optional vs hard dependencies?

I also noticed that if using a desktop environment's GUI editor as root
this could cause serious issues nowadays.

Am I the only one who tries to get rid of desktop environments and the
software, such as the desktop environment's editors?

I'm experimenting with getting rid of Xfce and I'm testing Jwm at the
moment, but generating the menu is PITA and to find good replacements
for editors, file browsers etc. isn't easy.

Does anybody know burning software that is nearly as comfortable as K3b
is, but that doesn't need GNOME or KDE dependencies?


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