[arch-general] bridge with netctl

Guus Snijders gsnijders at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:40:34 EST 2014

Op 6 mrt. 2014 14:15 schreef "Thomas Bächler" <thomas at archlinux.org> het
> Am 06.03.2014 14:03, schrieb arnaud gaboury:
> > Dear list,
> >
> > I am running a machine "hortensia" with a container "dahlia". As the
> > container will be a server, I want to have one IP for hortensia and
> > another one for dahlia.
> >
> > On hortensia, with dhcpcd.service and systemd-networkd both disabled,
> > I start at boot two netctl profiles.
> 1) You create a bridge with no ports. What purpose does it serve?
> 2) If you want to add enp7s0 as a port, why do you have a configuration
> for enp7s0? If an interface is a bridge port, it cannot be used for IP
> traffic, so assigning it an IP is pointless.

In fact: make enp7so a port of br0 and then you can use the bridge as the
network interface for Hortensia. For either static or dhcp: use the bridge

Ip forwarding: a bridge is a OSI layer 2 device, not a router, so ip
forwording can be turned off (Ip is layer 3).

As for Dahlia; i don't know exactly how containers work in Linux, but i
guess you'll need to configure some virtual network device and then add
that to the bridge.
My best guess would be to look up how this is done with LXC.

mvg, Guus

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