[arch-general] The pacman upgrading error has been solved

Paul Gideon Dann pdgiddie at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 12:10:28 EDT 2014

On Monday 10 Mar 2014 15:48:15 Cao, Renzhi wrote:
>       I really appreciate Emil Lundberg, Paul Gideon Dann, Temlin Oliv?r, ,
> Guus Snijders' great suggestion, you are right, that's my fault to use
> /dev/mapper/arch_root_image as the root partition, now I can login the
> system,it seems my system is working now. There are two things I do today
> (my mistakes) based on your suggestion: 1. Instead of using /dev/mapper/
> arch_root_image, I use /dev/sda3 as my root partition, and mount first. 2.
> I copy the files /bin/* to /mnt/bin, so that the error message "failed to
> run command /bin/sh, no such file or directory" will not exists. I don't
> see this solution in the internet, I am just think it by myself, so maybe
> this can help other people with the same problem if what I have done is
> correct.

That's great news :)

The solution with copying /bin/* to /mnt/bin is a very radical solution, and I wouldn't 
normally recommend it, because potentially it could cause other problems (overwriting 
files that belong to many packages). That's because /bin/* was the files from the live CD, 
and /mnt/bin is your installed system, and they will have different versions of many 

I'm glad it worked for you, though! If your system is working, any difference in the version 
of packages will be resolved naturally as you continue to update your system and new 
packages are installed, and those files are replaced.

> I don't know how to appreciate all of you, the community. I am so glad to
> fix this problem now. During the process, I have learned a lot of things,
> and become more familiar with arch linux, and also love it more (I always
> love the things more when I get more familiar with). The feeling is
> strange, at beginning, I see that problem, I have no idea, and become very
> worried about that. I am considering that time I am failers, just hoping
> some angel can come and solve that problem for me ... But now, I start
> learning these things, about what's happening, and with your help, I become
> more and more confident. Thank you all. I hope my experience can benefit
> other people, especially the new archer, I want to tell you, don't be
> afraid, go ahead, start learning, asking good question, and then finally
> you can fix your problems! The last thing I will do is format the window
> system of my laptop, install arch linux :)

This a really great result. What I love most about ArchLinux is that with some curiosity and 
courage, anything about the system can be understood, and a lot can be learned! Make 
sure you keep taking backups of your data, though! It's fun at all if you lose all your data :p


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