[arch-general] The pacman upgrading error has been solved

Emil Lundberg lundberg.emil at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 14:55:39 EDT 2014

> I don't know how to appreciate all of you, the community. I am so glad to fix this problem now. During the process, I have learned a lot of things, and become more familiar with arch linux, and also love it more (I always love the things more when I get more familiar with). The feeling is strange, at beginning, I see that problem, I have no idea, and become very worried about that. I am considering that time I am failers, just hoping some angel can come and solve that problem for me ... But now, I start learning these things, about what's happening, and with your help, I become more and more confident. Thank you all. I hope my experience can benefit other people, especially the new archer, I want to tell you, don't be afraid, go ahead, start learning, asking good question, and then finally you can fix your problems!

No problem at all! We've all been there at some point, clueless, with
a broken system. Sooner or later you manage to fix it, and through the
experience you gain an improved understanding of how things work.
Solving one problem also helps you solve the next, even if they're
very different. Gradually learning more and more as my needs change is
one of the things I love about Linux, and Arch in particular. Welcome
to the community!

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