[arch-general] tap device

arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 10:20:01 EDT 2014

> Can I ask you both why you chose this route of creating a private network? As far as I can
> tell, by default systemd-spawn will allow the container to use the host's interface. I would
> have thought that would be adequate for most usecases?
> Paul

My first tests with nspwan/networkd, with a very minimal configuration
(just one eth netcl profile) left me with a working network on
container, but as you said, the container was using host interface
(enp7s0 in my case). Thus, same IP for both and no container network


           Disconnect networking of the container from the host. This
makes all network
           interfaces unavailable in the container, with the exception
of the loopback device and
           those specified with --network-interface= and configured
with --network-veth.

That is exactly what I wanted. In my case, as the container is aimed
at hosting various web apps with a static IP, I wanted to isolate the
container network from the host one.

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