[arch-general] installation using existing filesystem

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Mar 16 18:38:35 EDT 2014

According to message:
# No mountpoints are shown. What tool is available to determine if sda5 is
# the /home directory of the previous (mandriva) installation? I want to
# perform a base installation, leaving the /home directory un-touched.

If you are using the live iso, nothing is mounted by default. Your best
bet in that case is to mount sda5 and sda6 in turn and list the contents
of each filesystem. Most likely, sda6 is your previous /home, so you can
try mounting sda5 first. If you get what looks to be the top level /
directory of a Linux filesystem, you can unmount it, overwrite the
filesystem, remount it in /mnt to keep things as simple as possible,
make a home directory inside of the mount point and then mount sda6 in
/mnt/home, assuming you initially mounted sda5 in /mnt. Hope this helps.
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