[arch-general] user management error

Jakub Klinkovský j.l.k at gmx.com
Mon Mar 17 14:46:30 EDT 2014

On 17.03.14 at 18:25, message wrote:
> Readers,
> A previously existing /home directory was mounted into the file system
> during the installation process; this directory contained files in a
> directory 'a'.
> A user was created from the root user account:
> useradd -M -p [password] -s /bin/bash [username'a']
> After reboot, the system is restarted as root because the user 'a' is stated
> to not exist. The command 'cat /etc/passwd' reveals a password 'x', but this
> is not the password that was entered.
> How to solve this error?

From passwd(5):
  If the password field is a lower-case “x”, then the encrypted password is
  actually stored in the shadow(5) file instead.

So look into /etc/shadow if you are looking for the password.
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