[arch-general] How to disable systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer

Christos Nouskas nous at archlinux.us
Sat May 10 08:42:51 EDT 2014

On 9 May 2014 00:22, Daniel Micay <danielmicay at gmail.com> wrote:

> You already made it quite personal by promoting FUD with gems like this:
>> systemd's team is noticeably chauvinistic

Good grace, you pasted a quote I didn't make and made it appear as
mine or as if I approved it, whilst I was very careful about which
facts I *actually* agree with and quoted from the aforementioned site.

Furthermore, you kept implying I made or endorsed that quote in all
your subsequent posts, making it your chief argument. What kind of
people do that? [0]

> Do you think Tom and Dave are chauvanistic?

I've been an Archer since 2004 and I've never attacked anyone in our
lists or the boards. It's not polite and it's not constructive. I also
made it very very clear in my first post that I wasn't ranting against
people. But sucking up to authority was always a fast way to the top,

To answer my own question [0]: those who end up in my
"Trolls-Slanderers-Bigots-Fanatics" gmail trash filters. You match on
all of them. Welcome and goodnight.


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