[arch-general] genfstab, fstab, seclabel, UUID vs. PARTUUID, and Arch Wiki

vixsomnis vixsomnis at fastmail.com
Thu Nov 6 06:30:53 UTC 2014

tl;dr - genfstab causes problems on my system, PARTUUIDs may lead to
non-booting systems when used instead of UUIDs

I had a problem installing Arch Linux on my box earlier this week,
although I managed to resolve it. I was installing from the latest
fedora live usb image, since my motherboard refuses to boot into efi
mode with the Arch ISOs.

Weird issues with genfstab:
    -    When I run with the -U option, no UUIDs are placed in fstab.
    With the -L option, no labels. Am I correct in thinking that the
    "/dev/sdX" should be replaced with UUIDs and labels, respectively?
    -    My first and second attempts both ended up with an fstab option
    called "seclabel" that I couldn't find any documentation for. The
    boot process stalled, saying it didn't understand "seclabel" or
    "seclabel" was missing an option, and kicked me to recovery. After
    removing "seclabel" that problem no longer occurred. Hopefully it's
    not too important...
    -    I had duplicate entries, even running it only once on a clean
    installation. I started from scratch twice, and duplicated this
    problem. I cleaned the file up manually, but it was still odd.
    Possibly related to the fedora live usb. However, no drives were
    mounted twice and the blkid / lsblk output didn't show any problems.

Also, on following the Arch Wiki's advice in the beginner's guide: I
used PARTUUIDs in my fstab and gummiboot entries. My system wasn't able
to boot with these, which I had gotten from "blkid". When I switched
them out for regular UUIDs, I had no problems, and my system booted
flawlessly. If someone could confirm that we should be using UUIDs, I'll
change this on the wiki. If PARTUUIDs *should* work, can someone please
explain why? Or maybe just vouch that they work on your system? I've
never had success with them. I'll edit the wiki once this is verified,
or otherwise resolved.

Lastly, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Christian Demsar. I'm
currently studying CS at Georgia Tech. I dabbled in linux a bit back in
high school (only ubuntu and mint -- so not very deeply), but gave up
until about last summer, and I've been mostly successful in learning the


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