[arch-general] Wrong screen resolution after xorg shutdown

Yamakaky yamakaky at yamaworld.fr
Thu Nov 20 22:20:42 UTC 2014

My problem is still here, any idea ?

> Hi
> I have a problem with my screen resolution. When I close xorg, the
> console uses only 1/4 of the screen (1280x800). I have in intel
> HD3000, with the intel driver. I couldn't find anything related to
> my problem in the wiki. [This
> solution](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel#KMS_Issue:_console_is_limited_to_small_area)
 > didn't work. Any idea ?
> Yamakaky

> Thanks for your help.
> - I have full screen at boot time ; - When I switch to an other tty,
>  it is fullscreen ; - I'm trying the link.

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