[arch-general] Removing compiler flag from CMake output

Marcel Korpel marcel.korpel at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 16:28:50 UTC 2014

* Delcypher <delcypher at gmail.com> (Thu, 9 Oct 2014 15:26:57 +0100):
> Regardless of that there are several ways of specifying flags. It can
> be done at the target level (e.g. target_compile_definitions(mylib
> COMPILE_OPTIONS ...) ) or globally using CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_*. There are
> several flags for different release types, e.g.
> I believe there are other ways to set flags as well.

I already set CMAKE_CXX_RELEASE and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS, but to no avail.

> You should look at how the developers have set their flags in their
> CMakeLists.txt files and do it the same way.

Searching for "-fnortti" in CMakeLists.txt and grepping for that value
in the complete source code didn't reveal anything. The only flags that
are explicitly set are "Environment compile flags", set using
but somehow CMake outputs "MySQL CXXFLAGS" with "-fnortti" included.

Ah! They're in the PKGBUILD of mysql. Removing -fnortti there solved
this issue and mysql-connector-c++ builds again.

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