[arch-general] pacman: List not required and not opt-required.

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera hugo at barrera.io
Tue Oct 14 07:16:20 UTC 2014

Pacman now warns when trying to uninstall a package that is an optdepend for
another, however, I was wondering if we could take this a step further, and
have a flag to list "packages that are not mandatory OR optional dependencies
for other packages".

A typical usage is: pacman -Rnsu $(pacman -Qdtq)

This uninstalls any leftover dependencies, INCLUDING optional dependencies. I'd
love to exclude these, but there's no programatical way to obtain a list of
packages that are "installed as dependencies and not mandatory or optional
dependencies for other".

Are there any plans to add such a flag? Maybe "-tt"? Is there any interest in
this on behalf of anyone else?

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
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