[arch-general] imagemagick is slower than

ProgAndy admin at progandy.de
Sat Oct 18 06:41:37 UTC 2014

Am 18.10.2014 um 08:22 schrieb Lukas Fleischer:
> After a more thorough analysis by Jan, we found out that the issue is
> caused by a bug in the new OpenCL benchmark code. On modern CPUs, the
> benchmark is executed on every start of ImageMagick which leads to huge
> number of __memcpy_avx_unaligned() calls with a small block size. Jan
> prepared a patch and he will submit it upstream.
If you wish to use the current imagemagick version without a recompile 
you can set the opencl cache to a missing directory. Then imagemagick 
cannot write the cachefile and skips the benchmark.


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