[arch-general] Is sloppy/mouse focus broken in Gnome 3.14?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Wed Oct 22 08:46:16 UTC 2014

Has anyone else found that sloppy focus and focus-follows-mouse are
behaving strangely since the upgrade to Gnome3.14?

This is the behaviour I observe:

1. Have two gnome-terminals on desktop A, each one covering one half
   of the screen
2. Have one maximised gnome-terminal on desktop B
3. On desktop A, move mouse (and focus) to first window.
4. Confirm that Ctrl-Tab switches focus to second window.
5. Move to desktop B
6. Move back to desktop A
7. Confirm that first window has focus, because that's where the mouse
   pointer is

At this point Ctrl-Tab can't be used to switch to the second window!

Forcing the focus, either by clicking in the first windows, or by
moving the mouse to the second window, will result in Ctrl-Tab working
as expected again.

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?
Is it a known bug?


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