[arch-general] [Bulk] Re: FS#41424 - Virtualbox 4.3.14, USB doesn't work flawlessly

Peter Bauer comicinker at gmx.de
Wed Sep 3 08:10:54 EDT 2014

I downgraded and have postive results.

Currently installed:

virtualbox 4.2.18-1
virtualbox-guest-iso 4.2.18-1
virtualbox-host-modules 4.2.18-7
linux 3.11.6-1

No USB read/write problems any more. I still get Malformed Packet in
Wireshark, but this seems unrelated.

However now I receive crashes of my VM when attaching/detaching USB
devices to my VM often. Guess I have to live with that.

Am 03.09.2014 um 12:54 schrieb Peter Bauer:
> Hi,
> I have also issues with USB devices on Windows 7 32Bit guest. The
> devices I use are mainly USB Serial COM ports. On top of that a
> proprietary binary protocol is used.
> The applications that communicate with the USB Serial COM ports are
> constantly having problems reading and writing data.
> Installed:
> virtualbox 4.3.14-3
> virtualbox-guest-iso 4.3.14-1
> virtualbox-guest-modules 4.3.14-5
> virtualbox-host-modules 4.3.14-5
> Linux localhost 3.16.1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 14 07:40:19 CEST
> 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> Extension Pack 4.3.14r95030
> With usbmon and wireshark I could see a lot of malformed USB packets.
> I'm afraid I don't know enough to make an exact conclusion whats wrong
> in detail.
> I will try a downgrad from 4.3.14-3 to 4.3.12 and report again.
> Am 04.08.2014 um 22:05 schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
>> On Mon, 2014-08-04 at 20:15 +0100, Marco Monteiro wrote:
>>> I have experienced problems with USB also. My guest is Windows 8.1.
>>> When I try to access the USB device from Windows, the access fails
>>> and then everything inside the VM seems to start misbehaving. I cannot
>>> properly shutdown the VM - I have to kill the VBox process.
>> Hi Marco,
>> when the USB data transfer paused, the graphic performance and access to
>> the VDI drive slowed down, for iTunes and other apps running on the XP
>> guest. Performance for iTunes always is bad, but other apps usually run
>> without issues. I always could shut down Windows, but sometimes much
>> time was needed before I could use the menu. If you can't shutdown your
>> guest, you could try to shut down the virtual machine by closing the
>> VBox window, instead off killing the process.
>> I add an additional comment to my bug report.
>> "There isn't an issue for the USB mouse, but data transfer between VBox
>> and an iPad2 is broken when I use 4.3.14. There aren't issues anymore,
>> after I downgraded all packages to 4.3.12. The whole performance of Vbox
>> is slower when syncing iTunes and an iPad with .14 and there are many
>> unknown errors and timeouts, if you e.g. try to install 20 applications
>> or more from iTunes running on the VBox guest to an iPad. Disconnecting
>> the iPad's USB causes VBox to crash, if it is done without unchecking
>> the iPad in VBox's devices menu, this doesn't happen when using .12.
>> The used packages are virtualbox, virtualbox-host-dkms,
>> virtualbox-extension-pack and I install the guest additions that fit to
>> the installed version of virtualbox. Perhaps the culprit isn't the
>> package virtualbox, it might be the package virtualbox-extension-pack,
>> since it's needed for USB2 support." -
>> https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/41424
>> JFTR everything already was ok, when I only downgraded the package
>> virtualbox, disabled USB2 support and kept the 4.3.14 guest additions.
>> In the mean time I downgraded all packages and add the 4.3.12 guest
>> additions, so with the outdated version I now can use USB2 again.
>> Perhaps you have the time confirm my bug report.
>> Regards,
>> Ralf

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