[arch-general] [Classroom] Introduction to Scheme and Functional Programming - 5th Sept.

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Tue Sep 16 20:47:56 EDT 2014

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On 09/16/2014 06:46 PM, fsckd wrote:
> Logs for the class "Introduction to Scheme and Functional
> Programming" are up at: 
> https://archwomen.org/media/project_classroom/classlogs/2014-09-05-introduction_to_scheme_and_functional_programming.txt
> Regards, fsckd
>> Hello,
>> There will be a class taught by nisstyre called "Introduction to 
>> Scheme and Functional Programming". It will be on Friday,
>> September 5th at 8pm UTC (4pm EDT, 9am NZDT) in
>> #archlinux-classroom on the freenode network. The class is
>> expected to run for 1-2 hours.
>> Learn the basics of Scheme and how to write practical, useful 
>> functional code, while having fun! Both beginners and advanced 
>> practitioners are welcome to attend. There are no prerequisites
>> but it helps to have some basic programming knowledge - like
>> variables, conditionals, looping, and an idea of what a function
>> is.
>> Nisstyre is a long time user of Arch Linux (approx. 6 years). He
>> is a programmer who previously worked in a startup. Currently he
>> is a student doing academic research. He likes free software and
>> privacy. His GitHub can be found at
>> <https://github.com/nisstyre56>. He is a member of
>> <http://wg.oftn.org/>.

To All,

I look forwards to the next scheme classroom; although PLT Racket
really isn't pure scheme but rather an evolved dialect. I have
experience in PLT Racket (I've actually written a form of the Set-Game
with GUI as a hobby) and I'd love to help out on the next classroom. I
think we'd need to touch base on how functional languages (like
Haskell and PLT Racket) really differ from ALGOL derivaties. In
addition, I think threading (places can be explained, but futures are
pretty advanced) should be discussed since any complex program would
often feature more than one thread.

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