[arch-general] mkinitcpio debugging with systemd

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 07:47:11 EDT 2014

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 1:02 PM, Martti Kühne <mysatyre at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 9:51 AM, Tobias Hunger <tobias.hunger at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Then it fails with "/bin/sh not found".
> As new_root is mounted (/bin/sh is there in the initrd), where /bin is
> a symlink to /usr/bin, this should be obvious...

Yeap. I just need to check what ended up being mounted where and what
the .mount units that got generated actually look like.

That is why I am asking wether somebody knows how to get a debug shell.


> With /usr not correctly mounted, you might want to check fstab and
> arch-chroot to the current setup and try mount -a?

There is no /usr in fstab:-) Getting /usr mounted based on
/proc/cmdline is what I am experimenting with and I might just have
ended up messing up the mount options, getting me something else on
/usr than whatever I expect.

My C-foo is a bit rusty, so who knows what I actually put into my
patched version of systemd-fstab-generator that I have on that

> Maybe somehow pull busybox into / before you chroot, so you have
> everything you need while in the dark ages...

chroot works fine, once I manually mounted the root and /usr FS to
some directory.

I guess the next stop is getting a debug shell into the initrd. "man
systemd-debug-generator" should have all the information I need for
that, I hope.

But first I need to check whether removing "quiet" has any useful effect.

Best Regards,

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