[arch-general] arch linux install iso problem

Francis Gerund ranrund at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 17:55:06 UTC 2015


I downloaded the most recent arch linux dual-boot install iso (from
- checked it with md5 and sha1 against checksums from the website.  Also
did gpg verify.  All okay.
- burned to cd using Brasero.  Verified cd from within Brasero.  Okay.
- verified by loop mounting, per website.  Okay.

Then booted cd.  Got to initial menu, chose 64-bit install (computer is
64-bit).  Then it stalls out, with error messages (can't copy because can't
complete boot process).  Sort of like:

:: Triggering uevents . . .
... blk_update request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1226572
... blk_update request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1226572
... Buffer I/O error on dev sr0, logical block 153344, async page read
:: Mounting '/dev/disk/by-label/ARCH_201504' ^@ERROR: device did not show
up after 30 seconds . . .

I burned another cd, and got the same exact results, including the same
exact error messages.

I have had no other problems making and using other cds or dvds, including
images of other distributions

<  ducks  : )  >

Note: I can (and have) installed ARCH on the same computer, using the
Evo/lution 0.4 installer - works fine.  But I want to learn to install The
Arch Way.

So, is the Arch iso from 2015-04-01 defective as published?
Or, what else might be wrong?

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