[arch-general] Pacman for user-only packages

William Hatch willghatch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 01:07:35 UTC 2015


I've been an Arch user for years now because pacman is my favorite package
manager.  However, I've been working at a job for almost a year now where I
use a RHEL machine without root access.  They let me use whatever software
I want, but I have to build it all from source and install it in my home
directory.  Since this means that I have the better part of a linux
distribution installed ad-hoc by hand, I've often wished I could somehow
use pacman and the ABS to automate my builds, have versioning and
dependencies, rollback in case of errors, etc.  Is there any way to set up
pacman/ABS/AUR to install to a user's home directory?  Or is there some
other user-oriented package manager that people know of to accomplish this
sort of thing?


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