[arch-general] Additional mouse (Lenovo N700) gesture binding

Oon-Ee Ng ngoonee.talk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 02:34:56 UTC 2015

I just got the above bluetooth and/or wireless (dual-mode) mouse for
my work, as the presenter laser looked pretty useful.

3 basic buttons (1, 2, 3) worked out of the box. So did the
touch-scrolling (up/down). So I'm looking for advise for the remaining
3 inputs supported.

This mouse has a 'Windows key' button and supports left/right swipe
gestures (targeted at the new Windows side-screen gestures).

Firstly, regarding the gestures, here's what I obtain from xinput
test. I've also listed which keys these correspond to.

Left swipe:-
key press   22                  Backspace
key press   133                Super_L (left Windows key)
key press   37                  Control_L
key release 22                  Backspace
key release 133                Super_L (left Windows key)
key release 37                  Control_L

Right swipe:-
key press   54                  c
key press   133                Super_L (left Windows key)
key release 54                  c
key release 133                Super_L (left Windows key)

This seems to correspond to pressing 3/2 key combos and releasing them
in the same order. This seems to cause problems with xbindkeys and
sxhkd (the only two key-binding daemons I've used before) as using the
Super-c combo expects the Windows key to be pressed first, followed by
the c key being pressed and released.

How can I bind gestures to the above? Is it possible, for example, to
bind keys to a specific input device (so for example I can bind to the
letter c but only from the mouse, not from my keyboard)? Or something
involving xmodmap?

Thanks for your advise/help.

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