[arch-general] PATH variable not set in DE (GNOME)

Maximilian Kaul archlinux at maxkaul.de
Sun Apr 26 09:33:44 UTC 2015

On 15-04-25 09:45:15, Rodrigo Rivas wrote:
> According to that page, you can add the graphical environment in $HOME/.xinitrc.

I tried the following

export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/bin/vendor_perl
exec gnome-session

but it did not help.

On 15-04-25 15:56:19, Carl Lei wrote:
> /etc/environment is an option.  This is used by pam_env, and applies to all
> PAM-authenticated sessions.

I put the line


in /etc/environment with the effect that I was no longer able to log in
to GNOME. The loginmanager resets after entering the password and
prompts me again for user/pass. Removing the line from /etc/environment
fixes this behavior.

> However /etc/profile.d is used by most DEs.  Did you export PATH?

Not that I'm aware of. Until the last update I didn't need to do
anything. The perl files (.csh .sh) in /etc/profile.d are as they were
shipped by the perl package and as far as I understand they do export

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