[arch-general] makepkg as root

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Sat Jan 3 22:34:18 UTC 2015

On Sat, 3 Jan 2015 09:59:41 -0600, Doug Newgard wrote:
> Without going completely into the battle that can be started by the
> link you mentioned, what about the "choice and freedom" of the
> authors? Don't they have the "choice and freedom" to write their
> software as they see fit?

Linux and BSD user space is software based on other software. Yaourt
and some other software does need pacman. Pacman needs bash, curl and
other packages and those packages depend on other packages too.

This policy does only work, when there are agreements about backwards

makepkg provided the --asroot option and within a major release it
dropped backwards compatibility. Fortunately it is a minor issue that
--asroot is dropped, but the real issue is that it already might be a
fashion not to care about other software, not to care about work flows,
IOW to be careless, ignorant.

However, I like that Linus Torvalds made some clear statements to the
careless, ignorant systemd and dbus crowed, while he's not against
systemd and dbus, just against the new attitudes.

Many of the older humans started using Linux, because other OS suffered
from mistakes, that were avoided by Linux. It seems to be that a new
generation now will introduce this mistakes to Linux (not the kernel,
but the user space).


IMO this is one of the oddest statements ever:

"Linux has never been about ‘choice’ or ‘freedom’ and those myths should
just die out.

- http://allanmcrae.com/2014/12/pacman-4-2-released/#comment-1256

Actually I use Linux (kernel and user space software) because it at
least _was_ about manifoldness and libre (FLOSS).
                                           ^"L" is for libre

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