[arch-general] KDE Applications 14.12

Felix Yan felixonmars at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 16:24:50 UTC 2015

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 22:07:32 Wulf Richartz wrote:
> yesterday KDE released the first update for KDE Applications 14.12 and
> at Arch it's not even in testing-repository; therefore I would like to
> ask for the future of KDE Applications at Arch?
> If you look at the forum, I think I'm not the only one.
> Will KDE Applications stay in extra-repository, and will there be a
> maintainer for the packages?
> Or will KDE Applications move to community-repository, maybe for a TU to
> maintain the packages?
> Or it`s all undecided ?


Sorry for the delay on update. I am preparing the 14.12.1 release, so you will 
see more packages coming into [testing] in the following day. I will also 
adopt some packages I use in the mean time.

Hope this make things more clear :)

Felix Yan
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