[arch-general] Fwd: Kernel panic - after upgrade

Csányi Pál csanyipal at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 18:40:57 UTC 2015

2015-01-18 19:28 GMT+01:00 Damjan Georgievski <gdamjan at gmail.com>:
>> >> it won't overwrite the /usr/lib64 folder.
>> >
>> > post the exact errors you're getting
>> The output of `pacman -S base' command is:
>> (50/50) checking keys in keyring
>> (50/50) checking package integrity
>> (50/50) loading package files
>> (50/50) checking for file conflicts
>> (50/50) checking available disk space
>> (  1/50) reinstalling filesystem
>> error: extract: not overwriting dir with file /usr/lib64
>> error: problem occured while upgrading filesystem
>> error: could not commit transaction
>> error: failed to commit transaction (rransaction aborted)
>> Errors occured, no packages were upgraded.
>> I know that that the /usr/lib64 is a symlink only.
> error: extract: not overwriting dir with file /usr/lib64
> which means  /usr/lib64 is a directory on your system??
> since when didn't you upgrade?

I did almost every day an update since I 'convert' this system from
parabolagnulinux to arch linux.
First this system was installed as arch linux, then it has ben
converted into parabolagnulinux, and finally it was reconverted back
into arch linux.

> try "pacman -Syu -ignore filesystem ; pacman -S filesystem"

I tried this abowe and the first part is executed successfully, but
after that just can't to reinstall the filesystem package because of
the existence of the /usr/lib64/ directory.

> otherwise read through all of the https://www.archlinux.org/news/ and check
> the steps you need to do for every update you missed so far.

As I tould abowe, I did update almost every day.

What to do next?

Regards from Pal

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