[arch-general] Duplicated keycodes

Christian Demsar vixsomnis at fastmail.com
Tue Jun 2 01:55:46 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015, at 09:50 PM, Facundo Curti wrote:
> Hi. I hope someone can help me please.
> I bought a new keyboard, a noga NKB-710. The problem is that, according
> to
> xev, four of the keys have the same keycode...
> The keys Ctrl, Alt, Win*** and shift, have the same keycode, 50. Off
> course, it doesn't work correctly. and this way, It's imposible to me to
> configure it with xmodmap.
> I don't know what data I can share. I hope this to be sufficient:
> attached a lsusb -v output
> Thx, bye! :P
> Email had 1 attachment:
> + lsusb-v2
>   20k (application/octet-stream)

Have you tested if it works in other distros or other computers? Might
narrow down the problem.


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