[arch-general] Packaging question: namcap lib xyz is an uninstalled dependency

Andy Pieters a.pieters at txtnation.com
Mon Jun 15 16:55:47 UTC 2015

Hi peoples! Greets from sweltering Plymouth UK!

Been trying to create pkgbuild for binary package coming in .deb file.

It has got 2 shared libraries included and try as I might I keep getting this from namcap:

Referenced library 'libotav2.so.1' is an uninstalled dependency
Referenced library 'libotav1.so.1' is an uninstalled dependency

I have tried splitting up the package with one packaging libatov2.so.1, the other libotav1.so.1, setting depends= in the main package, and provides= in the libotav

I have also tried looking in the namcap sources but my python is zero.

And Googled, loads of Googled before asking here.

Can you please direct me to the solution of this problem

Thank you kindly

Andy Pieters

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