[arch-general] Packaging question: namcap lib xyz is an uninstalled dependency

Andy Pieters a.pieters at txtnation.com
Mon Jun 15 17:32:35 UTC 2015

On Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:55:47 +0000
Andy Pieters <a.pieters at txtnation.com> wrote:

> Hi peoples! Greets from sweltering Plymouth UK!
> Been trying to create pkgbuild for binary package coming in .deb file.
> It has got 2 shared libraries included and try as I might I keep getting this from namcap:
> Referenced library 'libotav2.so.1' is an uninstalled dependency
> Referenced library 'libotav1.so.1' is an uninstalled dependency

Doug wrote
> Are these libraries part of the package? If so, you need to install the package
> before running namcap.

Yes they are part of the package originally. I will try your suggestion. Thank you


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