[arch-general] Audacity Library Mismatch (Wxgtk2.8)

Grady Martin sunnycemetery at gmail.com
Fri May 1 08:48:52 UTC 2015

On 2015年05月01日 08時36分, Geoff wrote:
> I don't make much use of audacity, and have not tested extensively.  Starting
> from an xterm on my i686, fully patched, system, I see the error, but the
> program runs and appears to function normally.  I see a lot of other errors in
> the xterm - but they don't appear to be wxgtk related, and they may well have
> been there and unnoticed before.

Thank you for checking.  You gave me just enough self-doubt to try a few more things, and I ended up finding an audacity instance that had failed to close.  Audacity seems to limit itself to a single instance, which created the illusion of immediately exiting.

Errors notwithstanding, I consider the issue solved.

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