[arch-general] PKGBUILD inheritance

Mark Lee mark at markelee.com
Fri May 1 22:02:11 UTC 2015

On Friday, May 01, 2015 01:27:58 PM Roman Rader wrote:
> I want to be in sync with official kernel config.
> Script is good idea but universal PKGBUILD based on core/linux will keep me
> from updating the package manually every time kernel is updated.

If you want to be in sync with the official arch kernel config, use git rebase 
in the PKGBUILD.

I'm not sure if it's a wise idea to have  PKGBUILD that's updating against 
kernel releases but not updating its pkgver variable. It would mean different 
under the hood kernels, and the pkgver variable only reflects the static 
changes you make on top of the kernel. In other words: 
<mypackage>-1.0 /= <mypackage>-1.0 
since it's pulling in the kernel config branch.

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