[arch-general] Headphone Sound Trouble

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Sun May 10 18:28:35 UTC 2015

On Sun, 10 May 2015 20:08:32 +0200, Florian Pelz wrote:
>Does it occur with all applications? For example, I have crackling
>sound with headphones in all ALSA applications such as unpatched wine,
>but not in e.g. a patched wine-staging or VLC or most Linux games
>because they use Pulseaudio.

For testing purpose the OP could build a package using

pkgdesc="Dummy package"

for a PKGBUILD, install the package, to 'definitively disable' PA.

I don't allow PA being installed on my machine.

[rocketmouse at archlinux ~]$ pacman -Qi pulseaudio
Name           : pulseaudio
Version        : 2013.08.18-1
Description    : Dummy package
Architecture   : any
URL            : None
Licenses       : None
Groups         : None
Provides       : pulseaudio
Depends On     : None
Optional Deps  : None
Required By    : pulseaudio-alsa  vice
Optional For   : fluidsynth  phonon-qt4  phonon-qt5  speech-dispatcher
Conflicts With : dummy
Replaces       : None
Installed Size :   4.00 KiB
Packager       : Unknown Packager
Build Date     : Sun 18 Aug 2013 06:06:40 PM CEST
Install Date   : Wed 30 Oct 2013 01:09:38 AM CET
Install Reason : Explicitly installed
Install Script : No
Validated By   : None

Unlikely that ALSA is the culprit, since PA does use ALSA.


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