[arch-general] no screen grabber

Aaron Caffrey router at archlinux.info
Fri May 22 20:53:48 UTC 2015

On 22/05/15 at 05:26pm, LoneVVolf wrote:
>On 22-05-15 16:26, Aaron Caffrey wrote:
>>On 22/05/15 at 08:42am, James wrote:
>>>$ sudo pacman --sync screengrab
>>>error: target not found: screengrab
>>>Are the official packages binary packages and the AUR is compiling 
>>>from source?
>>>That's what it seems like.
>>>How do I search for a binary screen grabber package?
>That's a bit harsh, Aaron.
>James : check man pacman, you'll find plenty of search related options.

Such questions just clutter up the whole email list. The time spent to
subscribe to this list, activate their subscribtion, and post their
question, and wait for an response could be invested in the search
engines and get their answer in matter of 2 minutes.

The keywords 'archlinux aur' will bring couple wiki links that nail
the whole question.

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