[arch-general] pam upgrade and systemd

Jens Adam jra at byte.cx
Sat May 23 11:59:37 UTC 2015

Sat, 23 May 2015 13:39:00 +0200
Alad Wenter <alad at archlinux.info>:

> arch-general-request at archlinux.org schreef op 2015-05-19 14:00:
> > Anyone have a system they haven't upgraded in ~24hrs to give it a
> > further test, see if logins are broken after the pam upgrade?
> > 
> > -te
> I've had similar issues, except it broke systemctl --user
> functionality. systemctl daemon-reexec didn't work. For now I've
> downgraded to Pam 1.1.9.
> Can you try rebuilding systemd with ABS (perhaps it only needs to be 
> linked against the new PAM version)
> Alad

This isn't about downgrading or rebuilding, but rather about sub-par
information. If you're upgrading a bunch of packages (your usual -Syu)
with 'pam' being one of many and it's not echoing any hint or warning
about a soname change, well, duh. PAM is such an essential library
that I wouldn't bother with identifying which services and programs
need to be reloaded, but rather simply reboot. I overlooked it too,
until I discovered I couldn't unlock xscreensaver.

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