[arch-general] Long-term offline Arch system

Serge Hooge cuznez at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 04:14:11 UTC 2015

> - read the homepage news
> - check the bugtracker (and forums if I'm not in a hurry) for major
>   kernel ("[linux] ...") issues and other still active bugs from
>   that timeframe, especially those with a high priority and a large
>   number of votes/comments
> - run my backup script
> - run pacman -Syu
> - merge all *.pacnew files right away

Pretty much. I've had a system collecting dust for over a year (I was
off in a different country) and I managed to update without any
problems by doing the above, so worry not.

For a more fool-proof thing, it's always possible to make a
staged-update script working from the Archive.

Serge Hooge

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